Gitana was born in Lithuania and has an obsession with knitting and crafting From an early age she would work alongside her grandmother and her aunty, who was a professional seamstress. Gitana grew up in Kaunas, Lithuania. At 12 she designed and made the outfit for the Miss School Competition, setting her on the path to later success.

After a certificate of fashion and design from Kaunas Craft School Lithuania, Gitana worked with Kaunas Tailoring Fashion House for 4yrs, before going to Moscow for a combined study of fashion / design and theology. Gitana worked under one of the most influential designers in Moscow, The Black Fox, then moved to Lithuania in 2000 where she worked with Ramunie Piekotate and Delle. In 2004 she moved to Oxford. She worked at The Ballroom in Oxford until deciding that the time was right to go solo.

Gitka works for designers, working on their tailoring requirements and even their signature collections.

To Gitana, life is all about crafting and matching colour to fit the person. She firmly believes that God has been at the centre of her career'.The most amazing thing about Gitana in fashion and design is the ability to match colour to fit beauty in various occasions, as the photographs and galleries on this site will portray.